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RoadTrip magazine, in much the same fashion as the vehicles it primarily covers, sets a new trend in the industry by merging the traditional boundaries between motoring, travel and adventure publications.

Much like crossovers in the vehicle market, RoadTrip offers a wholly fresh approach to these genres, emphasising the vehicle in combination with the road trip, the journey, the quest, the adventure, the destination, the goal. It’s about the destination, highlighting the journey, and of course always about the car on the journey.

Aimed at the well-heeled motoring and travel enthusiast, RoadTrip takes a design-centric approach, combining stimulating vehicles with inspirational routes and aspirational destinations worldwide, also incorporating trendy gear, adventure, 4×4 and lifestyle content.

Our editors and journalists are motoring experts who are passionate about travel, which makes their stories relatable, readable, and refreshing.

It’s all about the experience of the road journey, finding the secret destinations while out there… and then returning to tell the story.


RoadTrip magazine is a multi-platform publication that encompasses digital, web and social media.


RoadTrip magazine is aimed at and distributed to a group of exceptionally influential individuals – the men and women at the very top of the wealth pyramid.  This elusive group of individuals, who express their financial freedom in their private lives, are the Holy Grail for any marketer or advertiser.

Our readers make significant investment in the cars of their choice as a lifestyle expression, and they value their cars as much as the experience of driving them.

By choosing to advertise in RoadTrip magazine, you are able to directly target wealthy individuals who are seasoned travellers and motoring enthusiasts who engage in a lifestyle that takes them places.


The online, digital format magazine is available to our digital database of nearly 20,000 unique digital subscribers.