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RoadTrip Magazine and Road Trip SA join forces

Joining forces with the Value App company, RoadTrip magazine has launched an innovative Road Trip SA app to bring road trippers and travellers of our beautiful country and the Southern African region exciting benefits and added value.

RoadTrip magazine, in much the same way as the vehicles it primarily covers, has set a new trend in the industry by merging the traditional boundaries between motoring, travel and adventure. Much like crossover vehicles, RoadTrip magazine offers a fresh approach to these genres, emphasising the vehicle in combination with the road trip, the journey, the adventure. It is about the journey, and always about the car on the journey.

In similar fashion, the Road Trip SA app takes you to exciting hidden destinations off the beaten track. Furthermore, the app aims to boost tourism and travel within Southern Africa by promoting hidden gems along the way, enticing stops and layovers, as well as accommodation, restaurants, handicraft shops and stalls, plus things to see and do… all on the road less travelled.

It is the only app available that lists free information on thousands of places and destinations of interest throughout Southern Africa: from monuments, battlefields and memorials to interesting towns, scenic spots, and places with interesting history. It takes you right to the site, onto the doorstep, through the entrance gate. And all this information is in the palm of your hand and at your fingertips.

This partnership enables readers and followers of RoadTrip Magazine to now have access to content and information on the Road Trip SA app, while subscribers, followers and users of the Road Trip SA app also have the opportunity to subscribe and read RoadTrip magazine… all for FREE!

To celebrate this collaboration, we are offering all current subscribers of RoadTrip Magazine – or any magazine within the TCB Media portfolio (Driven, Inflight, Premier, SkyNews, Refined and Signature) – the opportunity to download the Road Trip SA app for FREE.

To download the app: Like the Road Trip SA Facebook page (www.facebook.com/RoadTripAppSA) and scan the accompanying barcode with your mobile phone. Alternatively, you can visit http://roadtriprsa.co.za/ and follow the instructions to download the app onto your desktop.

We have not forgotten about current Road Trip SA subscribers…

We hereby invite you (and the Road Trip SA Facebook followers) to like the RoadTrip Magazine SA page (www.facebook.com/RoadTripMagazineSA) and subscribe to the magazine for FREE by registering on https://www.freemagazines.co.za/register/.

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However, you need to move fast! This offer is only until 31 May 2021, so download the app and/or subscribe to the magazines now!